Resources I have found along the way that helped a bunch

In my research and life I’ve found a lot of goodness. Below I have listed some just in case you are ready to dig a little deeper.

  • PIN-UP


    Pinning up love notes from my kids, affirmations, Post-it’s and artwork around my safe spaces makes me happy. Below I’ve pinned a few resources that also give me the support I need for a happier, healthier, mentally well me. Hope you find something that helps you as well.

  • The Luckiest Club

    The Luckiest Club

    Online Sobriety Support

    From author Laura McKowen's memoir grew TLC (The Luckiest Club). "Sobriety is damn hard, but we do it together. Being a group of sober-seekers means we’re not just in it to stop drinking alcohol. We want the big juice-of-life stuff too." -The Luckiest Club

  • The Artist's Way

    The Artist's Way

    morning pages

    Author Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way teaches the daily practice of morning pages. She believes many blocked people are actually very powerful and creative personalities who have been made to feel guilty about their own strengths and gifts.

  • Life Lines

    Life Lines

    You are not alone

    Entrepreneur Melissa of Melissa & Doug Toys founded this free mental health company after her own struggles with depression. She says "It’s not about feeling better, it’s about feeling everything. Believing you need to feel “better” gets in the way of feeling everything and accepting all feelings as part of who you are."

  • The Body Keeps The Score

    The Body Keeps The Score

    Brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma

    Bessel van der Kolk shows that the terror and isolation at the core of trauma literally reshape both brain and body. Human survival instincts explain why traumatized people experience incomprehensible anxiety and numbing and intolerable rage, and how trauma affects their capacity to concentrate, remember, form trusting relationships, and even feel at home in their own bodies—they often fear that they are damaged beyond repair.

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