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How do you design a life that not only grows, but also gives? It’s a question that Lorilee Rager has been asking herself lately.

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There won’t be quick fixes, magic elixirs, or dubious schemes in this podcast. Instead, you’ll hear plenty of honest conversations from entrepreneurs, creatives, teachers, and resilient humans that have real life experiences to share. There will be expert advice, and reminders that the key to a healthier life lies within you and you have a choice to design the life you want. That you are not alone and that you are enough just as you are. 

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This podcast felt like the natural next step in life since getting my MFA in graphic design to continue my research and self discovery of the authentic joy in living an honest sober life in recovery. I am a small business owner, writer, professor, and mom.

We will explore ways to trust your own gut, find true beauty, and cultivating the courage that’s already inside you. We will risk vulnerability together, and plow ahead with resilience, hope and optimism, no matter what storms my come.

My own designer-in-recovery conversations will live here in a safe space. A space where we can expand abundant thoughts and let honest conversations ebb and flow. The goal is to help us all get a little more grounded in our own gratitude.


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    Lorilee Rager

    Lorilee is the fearless leader of Thrive Creative Group, LLC, founded in 2004. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and her undergrad Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. All about the power of staying curious, learning and understanding why we are here is her true passion. She’s is a writer, and a professor and active alumni in the Art and Design department at APSU, and regularly attends workshops with her VCFA cohorts. Understanding how to handle the the pressures and responsibility of Graphic Design in the world today in a healthy way motivates her to alway keep going. Lorilee’s work also flows into her role as a mom, community leader, friend, spirituality and someone in recovery learning how to build a safe space where a creative career and life can align honestly and authentically. As an enneagram type 9 she’s a creative, optimistic, and supportive gal. She’s learning to be a writer, a teacher, and mom every day. She’s also a lover of her sobriety, french bulldog Emma, coffee, and chapstick. 

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