Find out who you are and do it on purpose. – Dolly Parton

First thing to know about me is if you’re around me for very long you’ll discover that I love Dolly Parton. Her optimism, creativity and kindness are just of the many reasons I’ve admired her since I was a child.

What else, well I do have oodles of experience in graphic design, web design and marketing from all sides. Since childhood from the the tractor seat, to waiting tables in college, and even selling couches at Ethan Allen Furniture, I enjoyed problem solving, processes and designing systems to make life easier for anyone around me. At my first job as a Graphic Designer at an advertising agency I learned newspaper, and billboards and printing presses. Then I moved on to Gaylord Opryland Hotels in Nashville, TN as a Graphic Design Coordinator and later moved up to the Gaylord Hotels corporate team learning websites and SEO. I did all that while establishing my company on the side, Thrive Creative Group. I also had two sweet boys along the way who are still sweet but teenagers now.

I have my MFA in Graphic Design, I’m the creative director of my firm, a writer and a design professor. From the rural roots of my childhood on a Kentucky grain farm, to becoming an entrepreneur and now professor, I’ve always had a resilient and optimistic mindset. I’ve learned in recovery and grad school to be proud of who I am and where I came from.

In finding my purpose, as Dolly says, I discovered old patterns and habits and how they created pressure, turned into anxiety, to be perfectionistic. Where I did not feel enough, not feel at all when drinking, and how I only wanted to people please and stay at the surface level. However, these behaviors have long-term unhealthy effects. It can lead to panic attacks, burnout, depression, and addiction. Good news is through my own personal work and research in recovery, beliefs can change. Bad habits, and blindspots can be overcome, anxiety can be reduced, and depression can be alleviated if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and put in the work.

My goal here is to share my personal truths in case it helps others looking for help healing from trauma, addiction and burnout. To share how healing centered learning and making a safe space creates self compassion, then leads to confidence, which flows gently into self-acceptance. Scarcity thinking ends and abundance thinking begins. It makes room to realize you have a choice to heal your inner addicted artist and cultivates a mindset that makes a life truly fulfilling. If you’d like to interview Lorilee, be on her podcast, or have her speak to a group in recovery or designers you can reach out here »

Wishing you abundant joy and success. You are enough!

*Photography by Kathryn Ely

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